Scenic Walk in Newport, Rhode Island

A simple trail charted by local deer more than 200 years ago transformed into today’s lure of Newport, RI. That trail, now called The Cliff Walk, borders part of the spirited town of Rhode Island presenting such aged and wealthy homes of the 1800’s. New Yorkers of that time urbanized the shore of the Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean in their vastly prosperous mansions. In spite of the rich owners’ competitiveness, they shared one unanimous strive for summer retreat. Walk the three and half miles of extravagance and you will feel the peace and tranquility those men reached for.

A featured and luxurious accommodation of Newport, RI located walking distance from the shore is The Cliffside Inn. The residence, once owned by a well-known artist, Beatrice Turner, now imparts a splendidly calming stay to the New England travelers. The authentic fireplace, synthetic bedding, “Legendary style” room service, and endless points of charm craft a terrifically soothing quarter for visiting guests. With an art museum, fine cuisine, and complete wine bar personally served who would ever want to leave? Select your room and book the date online for a spectacularly serene getaway from your busy world.

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