A Blast From the Past in Historic Deerfield, MA

Flashback to at least seven generations before us in a walk through Historic Deerfield located in the 330-year-old New England Town of Deerfield, Massachusetts. Back in the 1930’s, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flynt migrated to the small town wishing to restore as much of the beloved town possible. Nowadays, more than 25,000 17th, 18th, and 19th century items, which were made or utilized by America, are revealed in eleven old museum houses. These houses alone were constructed from 1730 to 1850 in a town that attracts many by downright age. With special events running constantly, tours, a library, and even cooking programs no person could possible go uninterested. If you’re still hyped over the past after your visit, retreat to an inn equally as historic as the surroundings.
With twenty-three guest rooms, an authentic 125-year-old vibe, fresh and naturally raised cuisine, and plenty of conveniences, no other inn could compare to The Deerfield Inn. Each room is meticulously decorated one by one with complete services from private tub/shower bathrooms to high-speed internet access to flat screen DVD televisions to complimentary gourmet breakfast to even homemade cookies and tea served every afternoon. Very simply you can book your room and while you’re at it, make a dinner reservation online and gourmand cooking will be awaiting when you prefer.

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