Rabbit Hill Inn Gives Back in Troubled Economy

Everyone has been hearing of people giving back in these troubled times.  The evening news even has a segment on special things that individuals are doing to assist others with a little happiness in times of need.  Now you can add a member of the Distinctive Inns of New England to that list.


Rabbit Hill Inn is a proud members of Distinctive Inns of New England and Select Registry and is located in Lower Waterford, Vermont.  Innkeepers Brian and Leslie Mulcahy have been involved with the Rabbit Hill for over 15 years and have known the strains of unemployment and understand the meaning of hard work.  They are now reaching out to individuals who have been laid off from their jobs by developing a “Pink Slip Getaway Giveaway” package. 


How does the Pink Slip Getaway work?  If you have been laid off from your job for six months or more, they ask you to write a letter to the Inn prior to June 1 telling them about your personal situation. The strictest confidence is kept!  They read each and every letter and to date have received more than 50 stories.  Each month they’ll choose one couple to come to the Inn for an all inclusive two-night midweek getaway, free of charge.  Recipients of the package enjoy all of the joys of the Inn, including a dinner one night, lodging, breakfasts, and more.  There will be six packages given away in total, one each month April through July, and again in November and December.


Now that is an Innkeeper giving back!


by Rebecca, Quantum Hospitality