Artisanal Cheese From the Grafton Village Cheese Company


If your New England getaway takes you to the Chesterfield Inn of New Hampshire or Windham Hill Inn of Vermont, plan a visit to the Grafton Village Cheese Company.  A few years ago we were at a meeting in Vermont and had the opportunity to enjoy the best Vermont cheddar cheese that we had ever tasted!  Upon doing a little research, we found that it was made locally at the Grafton Village Cheese Company.


Their artisanal cheddar cheese is handcrafted from hormone-free, milk from Jersey cows which graze on family farms across Vermont.  The handcrafted cheese is made in small batches and contains no chemical additives, synthetic growth hormones, or preservatives.  The milk is delicately handled and made into cheese by their artisan cheese makers within 10-13 hours of it being delivered.  The cheese is then naturally aged from one-to-four years and the high protein and butterfat of Vermont Jersey milk gives this cheese a creamy and robust flavor.  Wine Spectator Magazine has even named them among the top 100 cheeses in the world! 


The Grafton Village Cheese Company now has two facilities to produce their cheddar cheese.  The original location is in Grafton, Vermont and they have a newer facility nearby in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Each location features a retail store with viewing windows to watch the cheese being crafted.  However, be sure not to miss the tasting of the final product!  

by Rebecca, Quantum Hospitality