Cranberry Harvest on Cape Cod

Fall is the perfect time to visit The Captain’s House on Cape Cod and enjoy the harvesting of the cranberries!  There is nothing so beautiful as a bog filled with brilliant red cranberries ready to be gathered.  A stunning sea of red unfolds as the ripened cranberries rise to the surface of the bog just ready to become your favorite cranberry treat such as cranberry honey, cranberry jam, or even a Cape Codder!  What blueberries are to Maine, cranberries are to Cape Cod.    

Guest of the Captain’s House can experience the harvesting of cranberries by visiting Cape Farm and Cranberry Company.  Harvesting of cranberries is very unique and occurs between Labor Day and the end of October.   Most cranberry growers today use the wet-pick method to harvest and involves flooding the bogs and then using a water reel.  The water reel moves through the flooded blogs and beats the water which causes the ripened berries to fall off the vines.  After the berries are off the vines, they float to the surface.  Workers connect miles of yellow tubing to corral the berries into a conveyor belt and the cranberries are then removed from the bog.  About seventy-five percent of the berries harvested in Massachusetts are gathered with this method. 

Bog tours from Cape Farm and Cranberry Company in Harwich are done by reservation only by calling 508-432-0790.  The tour lasts about 1 ½ hours and the cost is $15.00.  Happy harvesting! 

by Rebecca, Quantum Hospitality