How to score $200 in added value with your next Distinctive Inns escape

When visiting the Captains House Inn in Chatham, Cape Cod recently, I was struck by all the added amenities and value. It inspired me to calculate the added value of all the extras. I was astounded when I compared the cost of a stay at this luxury inn with as much sophistication, distinct décor, ambiance and haute hospitality as a nearby Chatham resort. You’ll be amazed too.

Photo essay: Italian cooking classes at Gateways Inn

Recently, the Gateways Inn in Lenox, MA hosted one of their fabulous Italian Cooking classes, offering a total immersion into the unique and regional Italian foods, flavors, wines and traditions. Guests gathered and had the opportunity to learn from a master - Chef Rosemary Chiariello - co-owner of the Gateways Inn and award-winning baker.

Oh baby! It's cold outside – advice for creative ways to keep warm

With temps hovering around zero and windchills in the “brrrrrr” range, visions of crackling fires, hot chocolate and steaming soups sound ideal right about now. DINE members have come up with the top five ways to stay warm this winter beyond the obvious and best one - cuddling in front of the fire at a beautiful country inn