Yummmmm…a photo tour of what's to come during Chocolate Week

Since a picture speaks louder than words, we thought we’d share a few of the chocolate treats that are in store at Distinctive Inns of New England during American Chocolate Week, March 14 – 20, 2011.  These images were provided by Jumping Rocks Photography, specializing in photography at inns and B&Bs. 

Simple chocolate creations topped with fresh berries at Rabbit Hill Inn make a delicious end to the meal.

This Molten Chocolate Cake is a specialty of Manor On Golden Pond

Edible artwork from the Chesterfield Inn in West Chesterfield, NH.

Decadant chocolate mousse from the Inn at Thorn Hill, Jackson, NH

Recipe of the Day: Chocolate Frangelico Torte from Rabbit Hill Inn


8 oz. shortening                                     

5 eggs

12 oz dark, sweet chocolate, chopped                     

½ cup sugar

1/6 cup Frangelico  (though other liqueurs may be used)


Melt shortening.  Stir in chocolate.  In a separate bowl, mix eggs and sugar.  Add the liqueur.  Combine the egg and liqueur mixture with the chocolate.  Pour into a sprayed and papered 6”-7” cake pan.  Bake at 350°F in a water bath. It will set like Jell-O when baking is complete.

from the recipe files of Pastry Chef Paula Bystrzycki