Get healthy – take a vacation

According to, you need to give yourself permission to go on vacation. In her blog, travel expert Barone explains that vacations are not only good for the health they’re good for the soul too. Barone says “Now, more than ever, you deserve a vacation” and offers a number of reasons why vacations are healthy and not just for the wealthy and wise.

The Porches of DINE country

Madison County may have its bridges, but when it comes to DINE country it’s the porches, decks and patios that beckon guests in search of “a good rock” over and over again.  Nothing beats a relaxing rocking chair and a … Read more “The Porches of DINE country”

Ten Ideas for the Perfect Mancation in DINE Country

May was Mom’s month, and June celebrates Dads.  That means mancations rule this month. Ladies, don’t cringe; mancations don’t have to be dominated by 6-packs, sports bars and motorcycles.  Here are ten ideas for ways to create the perfect mancation … Read more “Ten Ideas for the Perfect Mancation in DINE Country”