Ten great ways to cool off as you DINE this summer

Rain rain go away, come again another day.  As we move into July, we expect the rain to wane (hey! We’re poets!) and the temps to rise for perfect summer travel in  New England.  We also know that this is … Read more “Ten great ways to cool off as you DINE this summer”

Doily Decision 2012

What’s all this about doilies?

The B&B industry is taking a break from Presidential politics and contemplating something of much greater national importance…the fate of the doily.  In an effort to add some levity to the months of contentious campaigning … Read more “Doily Decision 2012”

What’s New At Dine Inns this Summer – Part II

Last week, we started a series of postings with updates and new offerings at DINE properties.  We hope you read all about the new rooms recently opened in the Carriage House at the Deerfield Inn, and the newly unveiled … Read more “What’s New At Dine Inns this Summer – Part II”

Sleep: The answer to everything

Chances are you’ve wished at some point in your life you’d discover the secret to eternal youth.  OK, it might not be fun to be 16 your whole life, but happy and healthy often tops the list of wishes when … Read more “Sleep: The answer to everything”