The Red Chair visits Rhode Island and Maine

We’ve been following the exploits of the Red Chair ever since it visited the Captain’s House Inn last spring.  If you’re just tuning into this story now, the Red Chair says “move aside, Flat Stanley, I’m the new icon on … Read more

When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

As a parent of pre-teens, I follow Macaroni Kid on Facebook and the Web for the sage insight it offers into the complexities of the teenage mind.  I get great advice for calmer and happier parenting, which in many cases … Read more

Guest satisfaction sets DINE apart

In a recent article appearing on Yahoo! Travel, author Rosemary McClure summed up why travelers are fed up with hotels. We at Distinctive Inns of New England read the story with a snicker, realizing that the very advice the … Read more

OMG! It's August and I still need my DINEscape

The Distinctive Inns of New England have made planning your vacation easy. If you're looking for romantic getaways, culinary or spa vacations simply visit the DINE package and special page online. There you'll find just about anything you might want from high adventure zip lining and off-road adventure packages to golf or dining packages.