DINE advice for a perfect Valentine's Day

Take time for you and the one you love with a DINE getawayHallmark may tell you what your Valentine really wants this year is a card.  Teleflora will tell you to express your love with flowers and Russell Stover will suggest you say it with chocolate.  While traditional, these are not the makings for a perfect Valentine’s Day.  Distinctive Inns of New England suggests you ask your soul mate, and they’ll tell you that really they just want to feel appreciated and loved.

In a story on Forbes.com, entitled “What Do Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day?” one woman spoke up. According to the story, Jenna Walsh, an account executive in Boston, said she is looking forward to some special treatment this Valentine’s Day, but, she’s not interested in flowers, champagne or chocolate. “If I could have anything this year, it would be nothing more than a heartfelt ‘thank you,’ since it’s one of the many things men have difficulty communicating,” she says. “I don’t think there’s any material gift that could show that kind of appreciation or maturity,” she adds.

The article goes on to explain that Marilyn Kagan, a psychotherapist and author in Los Angeles, says couples should use this holiday as an opportunity to strengthen their relationship together. The tough economy, with money and job concerns, may make one partner less inclined to be romantic. But Kagan suggests taking a chance and speaking out.


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At the same time an article in USA TODAY recently claimed that a U.S. Travel Association USTA) survey showed couples who travel together tend to have more lasting relationships.  The article went on to explain that the new USTA  survey  found that couples who travel together have better relationships — and better sex — than those who don’t. “Nearly two-thirds of couples surveyed say a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance in their relationship than a gift. Of the 1,100 U.S. adults surveyed, 72% think traveling inspires romance,” claims the USTA.

What’s the takeaway?  Distinctive Inns of New England advice this year is to stay out of the dog house and get into a distinctive inn. Don’t tell your loved one, show them that you appreciate all they do with a romantic getaway to  a New England distinctive inn.    Traveling is good for your relationship and a romantic escape to one of the eleven Distinctive Inns is as easy as booking online, which you can do from www.distinctiveinns.com.

Can’t make it for Valentine’s Day?  No problem!  Give your Valentine an Escape-I-O-U/I-LOVE-YOU and watch the smiles this Valentine’s Day!