Create your own “Peep” show: 5 unusual ways to enjoy Peeps

Peeps-Google ImagesGuess what?  Your favorite marshmallow treat is turning 60 this year.  Yes, those brightly colored marshmallow Peeps so popular at this time of year have been around for a whopping 60 years!   The Distinctive Inns of New England join others in affectionately referring to these gooey treats as “chick magnets”, and we’re here to help you create your own personal ‘peep show’!  Visit one of the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England with your peeps (or just your mate!) and you may or may not just see a few of these great ideas in action.

And remember, speak now or forever hold your peep when it comes to spring getaways.  Time to mention the next DINE getaway to your travel mate!

The Mad Peep Party Diorama was among the finalists in the 2012 Peep Show Contest sponsored by the Washington Post.  Photo source: Whether you’re a Peeping Tom, Dick or Harry, try a few of these fun ideas this Peep season.

  1. Create a Peep Show: If you’re a Type-A Peep, try entering the  Annual Washington Post Peeps Show .  The dioramas created for this show are so incredibly clever.  Unfortunately the deadline to enter has passed for this year (it was February 27th), so start planning your entry now for next year.  However, winners will be chosen on March 27th, then look for them online at and in the Washington Post magazine in early April. We’re quite sure you’ll be truly entertained.  Click here to see some of last year’s adorable peeps, and then get inspired to create your own vignette at home!
  • Peep Krispy Treats:  Any time of year, these special sweet treats are easy crowd pleasers!  Simply substitute your leftover Easter Peeps for marshmallows in your Rice Krispy Treat recipes, and you’ve got a perfect seasonal dessert.
  • Peepermint Hot Chocolate:  This year rather than using those mini marshmallows in hot chocolate, top off your hot chocolate with a Peep of your favorite color. We promise it’ll be a real crowd pleaser with the younger set.  And for the adult company, perhaps a more “spirited” version would make a nice after-Easter-dinner drink: Peppermint schnapps + whipped-cream-flavored vodka + Swiss Miss hot chocolate or hot coca from scratch (again for the type-A people)+ a Peep floating on top!  Serve this and you’ll be one hot chick.
  • Create a Dessert “Peepza:  You’ve heard of Pepperoni Pizza; well what about a Dessert Peepza?  Create your Peepza from a giant cookie made either from the kind of sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie dough you find premade in the store.  Top it with your favorite chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce, then cover it in colorful Peeps and jelly beans. Voila, the perfect way to use all that leftover Easter candy
  • Peeps-moresPeeps’mores:  If it’s warm enough to start the bonfire, grab the box of graham crackers, the chocolate bars and your favorite colored peeps.  Put the Peep on a stick and brown it to the perfect gooey goldenness.  This idea will work all summer long, as long as you can find your favorite Peeps in the store!

Of course, if you are not prone to peeping, have no fear.  Your favorite distinctive inns won’t force Peeps on you.  These ideas are meant for home.  Visit any of the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England for a romantic getaway, and marshmallow is bound to take a low profile while culinary adventure will still be “in the basket”.  We promise.

And speaking of romantic and spring getaways, have you booked your DINE at 9 getaway?  Ten out of eleven inns are offering $9 rooms on April 9 and May 9 in exchange for a $100 donation to a local food pantry.  Read all about it on the DINE blog.