Tea & Sympathy – It’s what innkeepers do

By Marti Mayne

RecenDonn and friends visit on the porch at Rabbit Hill Inntly each of the Distinctive Inns of New England innkeepers were asked to profile the amenities offered at each of their eleven New England inns. As we’ve outlined in previous DINE blog entries, the added … Read more

Cool off with a DINE cocktail

Don’t let the dog days of summer stop you from enjoying your summer living.  It might be hot outside, but the Distinctive Inns of New England have some great ideas for cooling off with refreshing summer drinks.  From a Bloody … Read more

Resort hotels vs. DINE inns – it’s all about the personal touch

HotelsOfferingBandBPackagesBy Marti Mayne

Recently I had the displeasure of trying to contact a resort hotel in the vicinity of the Rabbit Hill Inn.  I started on a Tuesday night and after five attempts, I gave up.  It took six … Read more