DINE innkeepers have fun with food on Halloween

Halloween may be one of the biggest candy holidays of the year, but there's more to this holiday than sweet chocolate treats! In fact, one DINE inn is transforming the whole downstairs to a spooky, spider-web filled Halloween Soiree. Meanwhile DINE innkeepers have whipped up some ideas for fun Halloween foods that you can easily make at home for the whole family. If a culinary vacation is not in your Halloween plans, here are some ideas for cute Halloween treats.

Five tips to a great DINE vacation

Everyone needs time to regroup and revitalize. The 11 DINE inns each specialize in proving the ideal environment for rest, relaxation and romance. To insure that you make the most of your DINE getaway, here are a few tips on how to prepare for the perfect vacation.

It's not too late for a romantic autumn getaway

After the kind of month we've had filled with the stress of government shut downs and impeding government economic defaults, don't you owe you and your partner the chance to rest easy, romance often and rejuvenate once again? We call these the 3 Rs of DINE and just as you need fuel to feed the body, you need the 3 R's to revive the heart and soul. Visit the package pages on DistinctiveInns.com for a complete rundown of packages offered by DINE inns. We've done the thinking and planning for your next New England getaway, you simply choose the package that sounds the best for you!

Leslie Mulcahy looks at Breast Cancer in the rear view mirror

With ultrasound, my doctor detected a suspicious lesion and a biopsy was done. On Sept 27, I received the dreaded news - the biopsy confirmed invasive stage one cancer. But wait, there’s more… additional ultrasound & MRI revealed a SECOND tumor in the same breast. Neither of these tumors were detected on my “perfect” mammogram. Imagine – TWO cancerous tumors were NOT detected on my mammogram due to dense tissue. I was shocked! This is the danger of having dense breast tissue – it camouflages everything.

Taking stock of the good things in life

It’s been a rough week for most Americans.  Whether directly or indirectly, each and every American can’t help but be impacted by the far-reaching effects and implications of the government for the greatest super power unable to agree.  We thought … Read more