Taking stock of the good things in life

It’s been a rough week for most Americans.  Whether directly or indirectly, each and every American can’t help but be impacted by the far-reaching effects and implications of the government for the greatest super power unable to agree.  We thought it would be a good idea to take a few moments off of worrying about the government shut down and the looming possibility of default, and focus in on the good things we have in DINE Country.Fall2013-Chesterfieldinn-doors

Each of the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England are grateful for the beauty of this time of year and the loyalty of guests to our inns.  We wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to all DINE inngoers and remember that we still live in the most beautiful and eminent country in the world. Here’s our top ten list of what we’re grateful for this Friday.  Please post on the DINE Facebook page what makes you grateful today.

1. We’re grateful for the incredible beauty of the season and for our guests who capture that and share photos with us.

2.  We’re grateful for each person who walks through our doors and honors us with choosing one of the Distinctive Inns of New England for their getaway.

Rabbit Hill Inn Assistant Innkeeper, Donn, talks to guests on the porch. 3.  We’re grateful for the chance to meet people from throughout our vast world and for each conversation that enriches our lives.  It’s why we’re innkeepers.

4.  We’re grateful for the chance to own a successful business and work as successful small business men and women offering an authentic and local experience, celebrating our communities and regions.

5. We’re grateful for beautiful surroundings and seasons that never disappoint us with beauty, and which comes back even after the devastation of floods and fires.

6.  We’re grateful for a fabulous stretch of blue skies and warm temps, snapping the color to peak in the Northern part of DINE country, and making for perfect days for leaf peeping.

Bill and Nancy outside the Cliffside Inn, with Assistant Innkeeper and guest greeter, Koty. 7.  We’re grateful to our families; for those who came to us and those who found us, including our pets!

8. We’re grateful for technology that allows our guests to book online and phones that keep us in touch. We’re also grateful for our alarm clocks that insure that we get up in plenty of time to get breakfast on the table!

9. We’re grateful for the tremendous staff, without whom we couldn’t deliver the kind of hospitality we do.

10. We’re grateful for our own good health and yours too, making it possible for all of us to enjoy your visit to our inns!

It’s autumn in DINE country. The leaves are approaching peak color in the northern part of New England and will turn a little later in the Southern parts, giving you plenty of time to book a romantic fall getaway.  Simply consult the DINE Availability calendar, choose your destination and  your inn, and make your reservation online.  We look forward to hearing all the things about your life that make you happy.  Be sure to post them to the DINE Facebook page.