Introducing itineraries starting with two original historic inns

LocatorMap We’re planning to introduce a new series of itineraries on the DINE blog.  Knowing that a visit to one DINE property is wonderful, we can only imagine how guests will feel about visiting two, three or even four of the Distinctive Inns of New England.  To make it easier, we plan to create a number of itineraries in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned to the blog for ideas for your DINE escapes organized by location, like our Coastal Route, or themes such as historic, culinary and more.  You might choose an itinerary featuring tea at a different inn each day or another featuring the best in zip lines, the best single malts or maybe even the best in cheeses!  You’ll find a number of ideas for ways to organize trips to visit two or three DINE inns at a time this year.

The Distinctive Inns of New England is an organization of 11 member inns that were originally chosen by location to create the ideal itinerary for travelers seeking luxury inn accommodations throughout New England.  Then and today too, each inn is within an easy one-tank drive from the next, offering a perfect route for not only exploring New England, but savoring luxury accommodations, fine food and haute hospitality.  While some of the members have changed since the inception of Distinctive Inns of New England, the concept of an easy itinerary for exploring all that New England offers is still at the heart of the organization.

OriginalHistoricInnsofNewEngland-smallerToday, we’ll start with an itinerary geared toward serious history buffs. While each of the Distinctive Inns of New England have a historic legacy, The Grafton Inn and the Deerfield Inn are among the original six historic inns in New England.  Said to be among the oldest historic country inns in New England, the six original inns were all built along popular stagecoach routes to provide lodging and “victuals” for those traveling throughout the region.  Formerly called The Old Tavern and recently renamed The Grafton Inn, this inn joins the Deerfield Inn in a historic setting, both of which have been beautifully preserved by foundations dedicated to maintaining their historic significance.

Visit the Deerfield Inn and tickets to explore the thirteen colonial homes in Historic Deerfield, an authentic 18th century English settlement,  come with your stay.  Take a step back in time as you stroll down the mature tree-lined historic Main Street exploring this colonial village beautifully preserved in time.  At the inn, you’ll stay in rooms named after local residents whose contribution to the town’s legacy is explained in each room.  A few of those local characters are still hanging around, and if you’re lucky, you may just have an interaction with the likes of Cora Carlisle, whom many have seen in friendly encounters, as she returns from her resting place to check in and make sure everything is just right at the hotel she formerly managed.

GraftonInn_Exterior-smallerFrom Deerfield, head about 1.5 hours north to the Grafton Inn and once again, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back in time.  A collection of  beautifully preserved buildings, the main inn, Phelps Barn and surrounding cottages offer accommodations and meeting/function space. The Grafton Inn and its renowned cheese making facility are wonderfully preserved.  Even the shuttered doors that once allowed guests privacy in their inn rooms, while providing a way for  summer breezes to reach the hallways, are still very much a part of the stay in the main inn.  Visit the Grafton Village Store for locally made cheeses and syrups or tour the cheese making facility. Be sure to get a photo beside the covered bridge too.

DeerfieldInnExterior_2088-courtesyofDeerfieldInn-smallerAnd while history buffs may love exploring yesteryear, modern amenities are still nice when it comes to the end of the day.  Both Grafton Inn and Deerfield Inn offer beautiful accommodations within a historic setting, with all the modern touches including free wi-fi, eco-friendly bath products, guest computers and TVs seemlessly incorporated into the historic setting.  A full breakfast featuring locally made and grown products and ordered from a menu offering a number of options, are included in the stay, putting the icing on the cake for an enjoyable stay.

It’s just 57 miles and under an hour and a half between Deerfield Inn and Grafton Inn via I-91, plan to explore one inn and its environs, then take an easy trip to the next.  For availability at Grafton Inn and Deerfield Inn, along with the other Distinctive Inns of New England, visit the DINE availability page to plan your next stay.

It's just under 60 miles from Deerfield Inn to Grafton Inn.  Source:  Google Maps.

It’s just under 60 miles from Deerfield Inn to Grafton Inn. Source: Google Maps.