Dyed devil eggs and other Easter ideas

As we move into Easter weekend, we thought we’d not only pause to wish all our DINE friends a peaceful and sunshine filled Holy Week, but also offer a few tips for what to do with all those eggs! Last year around this time we blogged about 5 ideas for how to enjoy peeps, including recipes for “peep” krispie treats and dessert “peepsa”.  This year we thought we’d offer an idea brought to us from Cliffside Inn for colorful dyed deviled eggs.  You’ve purchased that extra dozen eggs to dye with the kids and grandkids.  How about decorating with half the dozen and enjoying a colorful spring treat for the table with the other half?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for dying then deviling eggs.


Dyed Deviled Eggs from Cliffside Inn

Put 6 eggs in a pot.  Cover with cold water. Turn eggs on high and set timer for 20 minutes.  When done, drain eggs and cool.  Peel and halve eggs.  Remove yolks to another bowl.

Meanwhile, use a different bowl for each color of eggs you want.  In the bowl put:  1 cup water; 5 drops of food coloring in the color desired; 1 tsp white vinegar.

After eggs are cool, soak the whites in the food coloring mixture for 5-10 minutes or until desired shade of color.  Remove and dry the now colored egg whites.

Filling:  combine ½ cup mayonnaise; ½ tsp salt; 1 Tbsp sweet relish; 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard .  (Optional: chop the  yolks removed from the eggs and combine with mayonnaise filling).

Place filling inside colored egg whites and place on tray.  Sprinkle with paprika or parsley as desired.

 According to Cliffside Inn innkeepers, “These were done for Easter, but there is no reason you couldn’t do red, white and blue for Memorial Day or 4th of July, red and green for Christmas, or any other color scheme you like.”

Feel free to share your own ideas or photos on the DINE Facebook page of your dyed Easter eggs or other Easter and Passover traditions.

From the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England to you and your family, best wishes for a warm and sunshine-filled spring and a Holy Week filled with family, peaceful reflection and abundance.