What’s your Travel Effect?

TravelEffect-logoRecently a new hashtag has been buzzing around the travel industry.  It’s #TravelEffect.  It’s a concept created by the U.S. Travel Association to help everyone understand the impact that travel has on their lives.  We’ve blogged earlier about the importance of taking vacations, for health reasons and simple sanity. According to the U.S. Travel Association, which serves as the voice for the U.S. travel industry, “Despite the size and positive impact of the U.S. Travel industry, the act of traveling has yet to be seen as an essential part of our lives, businesses and economy.” The Travel Effect campaign is working hard to  reverse that thinking and to prove that the travel experience actually does have a measurable and purposeful impact. The Travel Effect campaign is working  hard to prove through new and original research the economic, societal, business and personal benefits of travel.

We at Distinctive Inns of New England support the #TravelEffect campaign. The 11 Distinctive Inns of New England have seen first hand the truth behind the “hidden” health benefits that travel can have on us all.  It starts from the moment a traveler enters one of the member inns and begins their much-needed and well-earned romantic getaway.  That feeling of “ahhhhh” appears on each guests’ face.  As innkeepers we know that look well, and one of the most fulfilling parts of our jobs is helping our guests achieve that as quickly as possible. Yet all too often, vacation days get left on the table.  In fact more than 400 million vacation days go unused every year.  What does that mean?  Click on the video below and learn more about the impact of lost productivity, then hit the back arrow on your browser to come back to us!

Travel effect of DINE getaways

The Travel Effect campaign is helping us to understand the positive impact of travel.  The infographic below helps to explain some of the lifelong effect of travel on not only adults but kids too.


The moral of this story? Banish the word “can’t” from any sentence that also includes vacation.  You can take your vacation.  You owe it to yourself to enjoy your culinary vacations and  your outdoor adventures.  Whether you choose to get away to one of the Distinctive Inns of New England or another destination, don’t be among leaving vacation days behind.   Be among the 94-percent of couples who feel closer to one another after your next romantic DINE getaway.  We look forward to seeing you soon.