Five reasons your gift will be the favorite one this holiday season

Give the gift of getaway to a Distinctive Inn of New EnglandWhether exchanged throughout Hanukkah or on Christmas day, the gift of getaway will surely top the list of favorite presents this holiday season.  Visit Distinctive Inns of New England’s Cyber Monday link, and not only will you have a choice of offers from 11 romantic New England Inns, but for the first time ever, they are on super sale too!  You must act on December 1st, though, because after Cyber Monday, these offers will no longer be valid.  From Gastronomic Getaways in Grafton to lovely offers in Lenox and Lower Waterford you’ll find amazing Cyber Monday deals available on Monday, December 1st.  If you miss Cyber Monday, fear not, all 11 Distinctive Inns of New England offer gift certificates which can be purchased any day of the year.

Still not convinced?  Here are five important reasons your gift of getaway will be the favorite gift this holiday season, not only by the one who receives but also by the one who gives it!

Unique experiences and B&B getaways top travelers list of “must haves” this year:  Surveys have shown over and over that travelers are looking for unique experiences.  No more cookie-cutter hotels for the intrepid traveler, they want one-of-a-kind and distinctive surroundings.  The 11 Distinctive Inns of New England fit the bill offering a getaway you can be sure will be romantic and unique.  Plus, According to B’s holiday and winter survey of B&B travelers, when it comes to favorite holiday gifts nearly three out of four prefer getting a weekend getaway as a holiday present compared to dinner at a restaurant (18% of respondents), clothes (5% of respondents) or jewelry (4%).

It’s perfect for the person who has everything…but time to relax:  No doubt you know that person who has everything they could possibly need, but no time to enjoy it.  Perhaps you’re married to him or her or they’re a family member or close friend.  Give them something they need more than anything else – a reason to relax.  A getaway to any of the 11 DINE inns will insure not only a restful getaway, but soon that traveler will be hooked and before you know it, more relaxing getaways will ease the stress in their lives.  Be the first to get them hooked on R&R with the gift of getaway to one of the Distinctive Inns of New England.

Send your mother-in-law away…far, far away: It may not be your mother-in-law, perhaps it’s another relative that really needs to go away for a little while.  Consider the gift of a getaway to any of the 11 restful Distinctive Inns of New England, and not only will he or she get a break from the family, you’ll get the much needed break you need too!  For a few days at least!

Romantic getaways at Distinctive Inns of New EnglandGive it to the one you love and go along for your own getaway too: Give the gift of a romantic getaway to the one you love, and if you play your cards right you might just get to go along too!

One size fits all: Big, small, short, tall, the gift of a DINE getaway fits every person.  Give it to the person who’s never visited an inn or B&B and you’ll make a convert of that traveler.  No more hotels in their future!

The gift of a DINE getaway is on sale Monday, December 1st.  Get your Cyber Monday offer while you can, but don’t forget, if you miss it, each of the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England offer gift certificates too!