Not Your Grandma’s House

Privacy Sign at Captain's House InnAs we hit January 1st each year suddenly all intentions are on the table.  New Year’s resolutions are rampant at this time of year and even the Distinctive Inns of New England (DINE) will not be left out when it comes to determination.  The resolution for the association of our 11 distinctive New England inns is to prove our distinctiveness through a new campaign called #Notyourgrandmashouse.

Say “country inn” and too many people conjure up an image of their Grandma’s house filled with doilies, scratched antiques and lace.  Don’t get us wrong, we know that Grandma’s house also conjures up happy thoughts, loving souls and wisdom of ages, but we know that it can often mean “old fashioned” too.  We’re all about happy and loving places, but the Distinctive Inns of New England are trying to move away from the image of old quilts, lace covered bureaus and uncomfortable antiques. This is a group of luxury New England inns sure to please even the most discerning of guests and country inn skeptics.

Many of today’s inns are modern in their sophistication.  Offering everything from iPod docking stations and wi-fii access to haute cuisine and plenty of indoor and outdoor adventure, the 11 DINE inns are refuges for everyone from Gen X and Y to boomers and older.  In fact, so into the inn experience are the younger generations that we’re seeing more and more of them trying DINE inns for the first time.  And after their first experience with DINE we often hear them exclaim that they’re hooked on the hospitality and amenities offered at DINE inns that are not available at the hotels where they’ve been staying.

We know to really know us, you have to experience the romance and hospitality of our 11 New England inns in person.  But an armchair tour is the next best thing, so let us introduce you to 11 distinctive inns of New England that definitely do not look like Grandma’s house!

A fine selection of craft beers at Deerfield Inn

Champney’s Restaurant at the Deerfield Inn offers a fine selection of locally brewed craft beers. They’ve even got their own signature recipe that dates back to the way beer was made in the 1800s when the inn was first built.  For craft beer lovers young and old, the Deerfield Inn is a favorite location.  Historic in nature and modern in amenities, this inn covers the gambit for fun and fine cuisine and surroundings.

Fabulous bathrooms at Cliffside Inn.

Did you know that the bathroom is the new bedroom at today’s inns and B&Bs?  And it certainly is at Cliffside Inn.  Totally renovated down to the studs when present innkeepers, Bill and Nancy Bagwill purchased the inn five years ago, each and every bath offers deep soaking tubs or whirlpool tubs, double showers and more.  These are the kinds of baths you simply won’t find at a chain hotel or in grandma’s house either!

Carriage Corner Room, Rabbit Hill Inn, VT

When it comes to the guys, they are particularly wary of inns and B&Bs.  We’ve heard everything from “But I’ll have to eat breakfast with the preacher” to a fear of TV withdrawl.  Tell a guy they’re going to a Vermont country inn and you may deal with some kicking and screaming until he opens the door to a room like the Carriage Corner at the Rabbit Hill Inn.  Show him the bath at Tavern’s Secret and he’ll be hooked for good, we’re sure of it!

The Bath at Taverns Secret at Rabbit Hill Inn.

We’ll be sharing many more photos to show you at Distinctive Inns of New England are nothing like your Grandma’s house.  In fact, with each room individually designed and decorated, you’ll find that the style, the welcome and the experience at our 11 member inns aren’t like any place you’ve ever stayed. Stay tuned for more #Notyourgrandmashouse postings coming in future weeks.