Spring forward with maple recipes from syrup-central

New England is the capital of all things maple and ’tis the season for the sap to be running throughout DINEcountry.  After the tough winter we’vew had the maple season got a late start due to colder-than-usual temps.  The … Read more

Why we love those who love inns

Distinctive Inns of New England innkeepers love their job It seems that Yahoo Travel is poking some fun at the B&B industry with its “True Confessions of a Fed up Innkeeper” articles.  In a series of postings fictitious innkeepers, “Bob and Emily” are offering some inside scoop into the … Read more

The hidden cost of unused vacation

  HiddenCostsInfo3The US Travel Association, a private-public association dedicated to travel in the U.S.   has embarked on a new campaign called Project Time Off. It’s an effort that we at Distinctive Inns of New England applaud, as together
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