Three great reasons to WINE and DINE

Julia Childs quote about wine and dineWe read over and over again that vacations are good for one’s health. The new scenery stimulates the brain and time away from the stress of office and home allows the body to relax and revive. After the winter we’ve had in New England, it’s time for each of our readers to start planning that much needed break. Why not take your next getaway in DINE country, where 12 welcoming and distinctive New England inns will welcome you with the chance to wine, dine and toast to your good health.

How exactly do we accomplish good health with a vacation to one of the 12 Distinctive Inns of New England (DINE)? With romantic getaways and culinary capers sure to enhance every moment of that relaxation time. We hear it over and over again from DINE innkeepers. They talk about that sense of “ahhhhh” that comes over their guests as they walk in the door and forget about all the traffic, office politics, chores at home and battles they’ve fought all week. There’s actually a visible difference that comes over those enjoying DINE getaways within the first hour of arrival.

Here are three reasons to WINE and DINE on your next getaway to #DINEcountry.

WINE: Wine is good for you

Wine and Dine at Distinctive Inns of New EnglandAccording to a story in Food & Wine Magazine, the health benefits of drinking wine are multiple. Read this story and you’ll be convinced wine is your new “friend with benefits” reducing the chance for heart attack, stroke, onset of type 2 diabetes and slowing brain decline, among other healthy side effects. Whether you decide to bring your own or enjoy a glass from the bar or tavern at DINE inns, you’ll also find that a lovely glass of red or white will be the perfect addition to the company you keep and friends you make during your DINE getaway.

DINE: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Your Mama always told you to start out your day with a hearty breakfast, right? Mama was right! Your body is ready for some energy after a night of sleep and there’s no better way to fuel it than with a hot and healthy breakfast created for you. Leave the bowl of cheerios or the bagel-on-the-run at home. Your DINE getaway starts each day with a fabulous breakfast filled with all the healthy options you need – fresh fruit and juices, eggs or whole grain breads, locally sourced produce and meats, all topped off with a steaming cuppa Joe. Now that’s the way a great day should begin!

WineWednesday-Bread-Wine-WifeWINE & DINE: Ask anyone about the finest moments in their life and chances are if they list three or four of events, one or two will include a fabulous meal or sharing a favorite beverage with a loved one. While the relationship lasts a lifetime, no one will argue that good times are enhanced by fine wine, great food and of course the company one keeps. DINE inns provide the wine and food and you provide the rest.

We hope the next time you seek a Wine and Dine getaway, it will include one of the 12 Distinctive Inns of New England. Wining and dining are the beginning. Relaxation and romance come next. We’ll look forward to seeing you on your next romantic New England escape.