B&Bs mean business

DINE meeting at Deerfield Inn

Distinctive Inns of New England hold all their meetings at member inns.

An article entitled “The Rise of B&Bs for Business Use” recently appeared on Hotelogix.com. In it, the author, Aditya Sanghi, explained that until recently, inns, bed … Read more

Four things NOT to do in a restaurant. Dining tips from DINE

Diining at Distinctive Inns of New EnglandWe must admit, our inspiration for this blog posting came from a segment on the TODAY Show where Matt Lauer shared pet peeves from wait staff about the most annoying customer behavior. Being in the business of taking care of … Read more

Is it sweater weather yet?

Sweater Weather Map according to the Weather Channel

Map provided by The Weather Channel.

What to pack for the upcoming fall New England getaway may be top on the mind of many travelers anticipating a leaf-peeping holiday. After all, if you’re flying to your destination, space is tight … Read more

Test Drive a B&B

Gen-X guests at Rabbit Hill InnHave you seen the commercials for Buick where the two young women are talking about the “hot” guy in the car across the street and one says “my grandfather used to drive a Buick”. The other answers, “that’s definitely NOT … Read more