Vegan Breakfast Recipes from DINE innkeepers – Part I

Vegan recipes from DINE innkeepers As our loyal blog readers know, we love to feature recipes on the DINE blog.  With 12 Distinctive Inns of New England (DINE), we’ve gathered quite an impressive compendium of recipes.  Best of all, every one of the recipes featured on this blog can be accessed easily by simply clicking on the RECIPE tab on the nav bar above.

Recently we had a request from one of our blog followers for some vegan recipes.  We’ve featured some gluten-free winter soup recipes in the past, and celebrated Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (June) with some vegetarian recipes, but this will be the debut blog for vegan recipes.  If you prefer to hold the pickles and hold the lettuce, don’t worry, special orders don’t upset us! Every one of the 12 Distinctive Inns of New England is happy to substitute daily breakfast entrees for those with special diets, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.

When we put the call out to the DINE innkeepers for vegan recipes, we received a number of ideas.  We’ll feature these recipes on the next two issues of the DINE blog.  We suspect you’ll find is you don’t have to follow a vegan diet to enjoy these delicious offerings.  Today, we’ll start with vegan breakfast recipes.

Vegan Crepes Recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn


Vegan crepe recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn½ cup soy milk

½ cup water

¼ melted margarine

1 Tbsp white vinegar

2 Tbsp maple syrup

1 cup unbleached all purpose flour

¼ tsp salt


In a large mixing bowl, blend all ingredients.

Cover and chill mixture for 2 hours before using

When ready to use, ladle into a hot pan to create crepes of desired thickness.

Top with berries of your choice or maple syrup.

 Vegan Pancake mix recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn


1 cup flour (whichever you prefer)

Recipes for vegan Pancakes from Rabbit Hill Inn. 1 Tbsp sugar (or natural, unrefined sugar substitute)

2 tsp baking powder

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup soy milk

2 Tbsp vegetable oil

Vanilla to taste


Combine the 4 dry ingredients in a bowl. Sift well.

Add soy milk and vegetable oil to mixture. Mix until smooth

This is your basic vegan pancake batter.  Add any fruits, nuts, etc, as desired  after cooking.

And here’s another variation on the vegan pancake theme…

Vegan Pancakes with Cranberry Syrup from Captain’s House Inn

Serves 2 (makes six pancakes)


1 cup non-dairy milk, such as almond milk

Lemon Pancakes with Cranberry Syrup recipe from Captain's House Inn1 tsp apple cider vinegar

½ medium banana, mashed well

2 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 Tbsp organic, unrefined sugar

1 cup all-purpose flour

zest of 1 lemon

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder

pinch of sea salt


Add apple cider vinegar to almond milk and let sit 5-10 minutes, until curdled. Pour into a medium sized mixing bowl and add mashed banana, vegetable oil, sugar, and lemon zest. Mix well.

Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, and sea salt. Whisk until mixture just comes together; it will still be lumpy. Do not over-mix.

Preheat griddle or frying pan to medium heat and lightly oil.  Ladle batter onto pan or griddle, about 1/4 cup at a time. When pancakes are slightly hardened around edges and bubbles are forming and popping on top, flip over and cook through.

Cranberry Syrup


1 cup maple syrup

1 cup apple juice

1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries


Stir all ingredients together.

Serving suggestion:  Serve 3 pancakes with cranberry maple syrup and finish with a butter curl and sprig of mint. Optional:  Add whipped topping made from almond milk.

And if you enjoy dessert at breakfast, here’s the perfect ending to a breakfast meal.  Best of all it’s a simple recipe that packs a tasty way to start the day.

Lemon Basil Sorbet, handmade at the Grafton Inn

Ingredients:Lemon Basil Sorbet from Grafton Inn

1 quart of simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water)

1 quart of fresh squeezed lemon juice

2-3 T minced basil


Mix together and place in ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s directions.

Allow to ripen overnight for the best flavor.

Yields 3 quarts (enough for a crowd!).

Whether you follow a vegan, paleo, vegetarian, or “seemore” (see food, eat more at B&Bs), Distinctive Inns of New England innkeepers are happy to accommodate your dietary restrictions.  Simply tell your innkeeper when you book your reservation or upon arrival at the inn, to give them enough time to plan your special breakfast Plan your next romantic getaway at the 12 Distinctive Inns of New England by clicking on links below that will take you to each of their websites.

In Connecticut: Inn at Harbor Hill Marina in Niantic

In Maine:  Captain Jefferds Inn in Kennebunkport & Camden Maine Stay Inn in Camden.

In New Hampshire:  Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness & Chesterfield Inn in West Chesterfield

In Massachusetts:  Harbor Light Inn in Marblehead, Gateways Inn & Restaurant in Lenox, Deerfield Inn in Historic Deerfield and Captain’s House Inn in Chatham on Cape Cod.

In Vermont:  Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford & Grafton Inn in Grafton

In Rhode Island: Cliffside Inn in Newport