It's not too late for a romantic autumn getaway

After the kind of month we've had filled with the stress of government shut downs and impeding government economic defaults, don't you owe you and your partner the chance to rest easy, romance often and rejuvenate once again? We call these the 3 Rs of DINE and just as you need fuel to feed the body, you need the 3 R's to revive the heart and soul. Visit the package pages on for a complete rundown of packages offered by DINE inns. We've done the thinking and planning for your next New England getaway, you simply choose the package that sounds the best for you!

MEET THE INNKEEPERS: Claudio and Roberta Latanza of Camden Maine Stay Inn

One of the best parts about staying at an inn is the opportunity to meet interesting people.  Some like chatting with guests and from time to time guests have become very good friends after meeting at one of the Distinctive Read more

Wine and DINE Mom this Mother’s Day

She’s there for the kids; she’s there for you 365 days a year.  Without Mom, your life simply wouldn’t be complete.  Whether she’s the grandmother to your kids, the mother-in-law to you or the love of your life to your … Read more

March Madness at DINE inns – news and offers from Distinctive Inns of New England

Much of Northern New England woke up to blue skies and white back yards this morning making for perfect conditions for those in pursuit of New England outdoor winter adventure. Would you rather escape the snow and pursue warmer-weather fun? … Read more

What's in the forecast for Columbus Day? Color and sun!

The Facebook entry from the Cliffside Inn summed up what we have to look forward to for Columbus Day.  According to forecasters, it’ll be 84 degrees and sunny in Newport this weekend.  “Who’s ready for one last day at the … Read more