Drink wine, improve your memory

The morale of the story? Red wine and champagne can be very good for you! Whether you enjoy a glass while planning your DINE getaway or during your stay at any of the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England, research shows that a glass of wine or a little bubbly can be good for your memory, heart and circulation. The innkeepers at Distinctive Inns of New England concur adding it’s good for the vacation too!

Part II: DINE and devour – Culinary packages from Distinctive Inns

Last week we introduced some of the themed packages offered by the 11 Distinctive Inns of New England, focusing on romantic getaways and weekend retreats. Because we all know the way to your loved ones’ heart is through their stomach, we’ll focus on some of the fabulous culinary vacations and wonderful foodie experiences at DINE Inns.

What do women really want for Valentine's Day? Advice for men and women

The answer to the "what do women want for Valentine's Day" question might come as a surprise. Much to the chagrin of retailers, when women are asked what they really want for Valentine’s Day the answers usually revolve around kindness and gratitude. We asked our fans via Facebook what they want for Valentine’s Day and most responded they hoped for small tokens of appreciation or special surprises