We gather together to count our blessings

DINE group photoEach year near Thanksgiving time, the Distinctive Inns of New England (DINE) innkeepers gather to review the past six months and plan for the winter and spring marketing.  The meetings are dynamic, analytic yet also filled with the friendship and … Read more

Heading into the holidays, DINE innkeepers give thanks

Thankful signIt’s been a year like no other in every innkeepers mind, especially among the Distinctive Inns of New England (DINE) members. The Covid-19 pandemic shut down inns across the country, and the 10 DINE inns spent months developing new safety, … Read more

Three things that make DINE innkeepers grateful this holiday season

Appreciate what you haveThere’s a graphic circulating around social media that says “This holiday season, it’s not about what you want, it’s about appreciating what  you have.” If there was ever year filled with wants and appreciation it would be 2020. While many … Read more

Taking stock of what we're grateful for

Back in October, we blogged about taking time to notice the good things in life.  As we approach Thanksgiving, we like to think about all the things we’re greateful for in DINE country.   We’re thankful that our guests … Read more

Donkey Wisdom

This Thanksgiving the eleven DINE member inns wish to thank each of their guests for stepping out of their wells and into our world and allowing Distinctive Inns of New England to allow you to “happily trot off”. We’re grateful for each guest who steps inside our inns. The Rabbit Hill Inn captured the sentiment of each DINE innkeeper last year when they wrote "Without you, this is just a really nice, big house. Your presence helps make it the warm, fun-filled place that it is!"